Worth the Weight                 by: Dana Parkinson, Sarah Henry and Alex Laursen
A1: Circle left 3/4
Neighbor roll away with a half sashay
Gents pass left for 1/2 hey
A2: Neighbor Balance and Swing
B1: 1/2 Promenade
Mad Robin (ladies to the center and left to start this move)
B2: Partner give and take
Partner swing
Slide left to progress

The Dance Weekend Hangover                  by: Dana Parkinson and Sarah Henry
A1: Neighbor #1 pull by right, #2 by the left, #3 by the right, #4 by the left,
Neighbor #5 swing
A2: Ladies pass right for 1/2 hey, gents ricochet back
Partner swing
B1: (hands across) Star right
Ladies chain (to neighbor)
B2: Square through (start facing across the set, taking right hand with your partner)

My Dances

Sugar Britches 2.0                by: Dana Parkinson
This dance was written for my friend and fellow caller, Carol Ormand!
(starts in short wavy lines, ladies have left hands in the center, neighbor in your right hand)
A1: Balance the wave, slide right
Neighbor allemande left 1 1/2
A2: Ladies gypsy right 1 1/2
Partner swing
B1: Circle Left 3/4
Neighbor Swing
B2: Long lines forward and back
Star left to next neighbors (make a new short wavy line)